Leadership is about teaching people how to process life biblically.

Dr. Dwight Peterson – WILD Director

Multi-level #leadership and #discipleship training.

Need agile leadership?

As a faith-driven organization, you understand how critical it is to equip and sustain high-impact leaders who have the tools to lead from a healthy foundation and multiply mission within the team and with volunteers. And the dynamic pressures of today’s culture demand powerful tools that can be quickly applied with max results.

Another curriculum or course isn’t going to cut it. Developing an agile high-impact leadership team — and pipeline — is tough, particularly when you have limited time and a heavy load.  So leaders and teams take on more and more tasks and teams until the calendar rules. Responsive, not mission-driven. And not fun.

Let us help you transform your team fast, with an agile leadership toolbox.

Oh, and it involves a lot of fresh air. 🙂


Associate Pastor

“As a couple it’s easy to get caught up taking care of family and forget to work on our marriage. working through the challenges together, we grew more in one week than we could in any other environment.”


Camp Director

“Interacting with the curriculum, staff, other participants, the woods and God’s word have led me to a greater understanding of discipleship, mentorship, leadership… and a deeper walk with Christ.”

Multi-level leadership institute.

The W.I.L.D. leadership development model is built around the GROW System, our 4-level discipleship curriculum that grows leaders from the inside out… teaching them to leverage their own aggressive learning process into opportunities to impact the world around them by investing in others, with or without a traditional role.

A multi-level leadership institute, W.I.L.D. was established in 1984 to train youth pastors on how to use the wilderness as a tool to grow their students. We quickly learned the transferability of the curriculum made it a powerful tool for developing leadership across disciplines. From ministry professionals to business leaders, thousands of W.I.L.D alumni are spread across the globe investing the dynamic toolset gained from W.I.L.D. into their organizations, their families and their own aggressive learning processes.

WILD Training Skill Levels

L1 | Grounding

Engaging the Spiritual Growth Process

An effective leader must first be an active learner.

Anchored by the Learning Cycle and the Transformation Model, the Level 1 curriculum is specifically targeted to grow and hone one’s eyes and ears for the work of God in one’s own spiritual development and learning processes.

L2 | Reproducing

Relating for Spiritual Impact

The effective leader must first learn to invest their learning in others without the leverage of a formal role.

The curriculum kicks the Learning Cycle up a notch into what we call the Ministry Cycle, a model for using the same core process as a tool for ministry an individual (as opposed to group) level.  Includes the FORMS  and OIC conversation tools.

L3 | Outfitting

Equipping Reproducers

The effective leader must learn to intentionally develop next-generation leaders, not just agenda-followers.

L3 builds a philosophy of role-based leadership on skills for enabling and growing effective Level 2 leaders. It introduces the Shepherding Cycle and CAST (integrative Bible study) while targeting increased skill with FORMS and OIC. We also introduce group leadership responsibilities to the dynamic.

L4 | Widening

Cultivating a Culture of Growth

The effective mentor must develop leaders for impact in their own skill, gifting and calling.

The primary aim of L4 is to develop, mobilize and mentor Level 3 leaders. Our focus is on a model of multi-level ministry development that seeks to launch leaders who will launch others into productive ministry by embedding the approach into the culture of their organization.

WILD Leadership Philosophy

Dr. Dwight Peterson introduces our philosophy and approach to multi-level leadership development in the context of our Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development.



Youth Pastor

“It does not matter how many trips or training events I have attended with WILD, each time I learn, laugh, and gain new perspective on my life and ministry. Simply put, these guys get it.”


Wilderness Program Director

“WILD taught me how to mentor leaders to ‘lead in their own skin,’ to help identify and leverage their own unique strengths instead of training up clones. ”

You might still be wondering…

We know you’re looking at plenty of options as you search for effective opportunities to develop your team. Please reach out with any questions you have! 

Thank you for leading on the front line of ministry and the marketplace.

It would be a true honor to work alongside you to develop an agile high-impact leadership team — and pipeline.